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About Me

I am currently looking to develop a career as a games programmer, especially focused on graphics, physics, game play or ui programming.

These past years I diverged a bit from my goal of making games for the sake of staying in Portugal, however I am now fully interested in investing on an international endeavor if that is where my love of making games takes me.

I was part of the team making the grand strategy game Magna Mundi. My responsibilities involved mostly setting up the GUI, update gameplay features when the art reveals a new feature or design flaw and update the engine with new rendering capabilities and effects, non-the-less the clausewitz engine has now little mysteries after a year dwelling in it.

I developed EZPhysics a robot simulation application at Move Interactive. The program uses ODE physics engine to simulate robotic behaviour, this project allowed me to understand every cog of the open source a physics engine used and learn something about firmware, matlab and mechanic control.

I have finished the MSc in Computer Games Technology at University of Abertay Dundee. It was in this degree that I deepened my knowledge for graphics programming and learned about most technology used in games.

While in Portugal I took a bachelors in software engineering, mostly focused on object oriented programming and web development. 

I have worked in a consultancy company (AdQuam) for approximately two years. This experience developed my understanding about the real world of programming and the high importance of a good team.